Public HTML interface

The Atramhasis homepage

When visiting the homepage of an Atramhasis instance, users are presented with a few different options. They can search for a certain label within a certain conceptscheme. Links are presented to all the conceptschemes present in the instance. For a list of (configurable) conceptschemes the most visited concepts are displayed for easy and quick access. Notice that by default Atramhasis comes with an English, French and Dutch public interface. Other languages can easily be added.

A concept detail for churches

A concept detail page details one concept or collection. It lists the concept’s labels, notes and sources used in creating or researching the concept. Every concept has an id (an identifier within a conceptscheme) and a URI that can be custom generated. For interoperability with other applications, every detail has both RDF/XML and N3/Turtle downloads available. As Atramhasis tries to take the user’s preferred language settings into account, it will try to provide the title of the page in the user’s preferred language, whilst also listing the labels separately.

The relations for churches

Scrolling further down on a detail page, we come to the relations between this concept or collection and other concepts or collections. All common SKOS relations (broader, narrower, related, member, …) are accounted for. Links to other conceptschemes (suh as the AAT) are supported with SKOS matches.

The tree of heritage types as seen on https://thesaurus.onroerenderfgoed.be

While every detail page presents the immediate relations for a certain concept or collection, there’s also a tree view available that presents all broader/narrower relations for all concepts and collections in one go. This can be reached on the conceptscheme page or from every detail page. As can be seen here, an Atramhasis instance can easily be reskinned for a certain organisation. The Flanders Heritage Thesaurus is an Atramhasis implementation with custom styling and authentication.

SKOS editor

The Atramhasis admin interface

The Atramhasis admin interface allows editors to find a certain concept or collection and edit or delete it. While it’s also possiblel to edit conceptscheme attributes this way, they always need some code configuration and thus need to be created by a system administrator.

Import a concept from the AAT

While you can define concepts from scratch, it’s also possible to import a concept from another thesaurus, such as the AAT. It will import labels and notes from the original concept and add an automatic SKOS match back to the original. Bear in mind that this actually creates a new concept with a new URI, while referencing the original. If you want to import an entire thesaurus, you need to go beyond the User Interface.

The notes tab on a concept

Editing a concept or collection is done using one or more tabs, such as the notes tab to edit scopenotes, sourcenotes, … Adding HTML markup is supported.

The relations tab on a concept

The relations tab allows editing the relations of concepts or collections with other concepts or collectons. Dropdown lists are present to facilitate editing.

The matches tab on a concept

The matches tab allows an editorto match a local concept to a concept in a remote conceptscheme.

Editing the matches on a concept

Using the skosprovider that powers a remote conceptscheme, matching concepts can be searched for and added to the local concept.

Merging a concept with an external concept

Once a concept has been matched with a concept from an external provider it’s possible to merge the two concepts. This is similar to importing a concept, but works for concepts that already exist in your local thesaurus. Merging with copy the labels and notes from the external concept. If you can link you concept with an external concept that has labels for the concept in different languages, this is a quick way to extend the number of languages supported by your local concept. Before saving the results of the merge, you are free to review the results of the merge and accept or reject certain labels and notes.

LDF server

The Atramhasis LDF server

With a little bit of effort, Atramhasis can setup an LDF server for you, allowing you to quickly serve RDF tripples.