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This module adds DataManagers for Atramhasis. These are service layer objects
that abstract all interactions with the database away from the views.

:versionadded: 0.4.1
from datetime import date
from datetime import datetime

import dateutil.relativedelta
from skosprovider_sqlalchemy.models import Collection
from skosprovider_sqlalchemy.models import Concept
from skosprovider_sqlalchemy.models import ConceptScheme
from skosprovider_sqlalchemy.models import Label
from skosprovider_sqlalchemy.models import LabelType
from skosprovider_sqlalchemy.models import Language
from skosprovider_sqlalchemy.models import Match
from skosprovider_sqlalchemy.models import MatchType
from skosprovider_sqlalchemy.models import Thing
from sqlalchemy import and_
from sqlalchemy import desc
from sqlalchemy import func
from sqlalchemy.orm import joinedload

from import popular_concepts
from import ConceptVisitLog
from import ConceptschemeCounts

[docs]class DataManager: """ A DataManager abstracts all interactions with the database for a certain model. """ def __init__(self, session): self.session = session
[docs]class ConceptSchemeManager(DataManager): """ A :class:`DataManager` for :class:`ConceptSchemes <skosprovider_sqlalchemy.models.ConceptScheme>.` """ def __init__(self, session): super().__init__(session)
[docs] def get(self, conceptscheme_id): """ :param conceptscheme_id: a concepscheme id :return: the concepscheme for the given id """ return self.session.query(ConceptScheme).filter_by(id=conceptscheme_id).one()
[docs] def find(self, conceptscheme_id, query): """ Find concepts and collections in this concept scheme. :param conceptscheme_id: a concepscheme id :param query: A python dictionary containing query parameters. :returns: A :class:`list` of :class:`skosprovider_sqlalchemy.models.Thing` instances. """ q = self.session \ .query(Thing) \ .options(joinedload('labels')) \ .filter(Thing.conceptscheme_id == conceptscheme_id) if 'type' in query and query['type'] in ['concept', 'collection']: q = q.filter(Thing.type == query['type']) if 'label' in query: q = q.filter( Thing.labels.any( Label.label.ilike('%' + query['label'].lower() + '%') ) ) return q.all()
[docs] def get_concepts_for_scheme_tree(self, conceptscheme_id): """ :param conceptscheme_id: a concepscheme id :return: all concepts for the scheme_tree """ return self.session \ .query(Concept) \ .filter(Concept.conceptscheme_id == conceptscheme_id, ~Concept.broader_concepts.any(), ~Collection.member_of.any() ).all()
[docs] def get_collections_for_scheme_tree(self, conceptscheme_id): """ :param conceptscheme_id: a concepscheme id :return: all collections for the scheme_tree """ return self.session \ .query(Collection) \ .filter(Collection.conceptscheme_id == conceptscheme_id, ~Collection.broader_concepts.any(), ~Collection.member_of.any() ).all()
[docs] def get_all(self, conceptscheme_id): """ Get all concepts and collections in this concept scheme. :param conceptscheme_id: a concepscheme id :returns: A :class:`list` of :class:`skosprovider_sqlalchemy.models.Thing` instances. """ all_results = self.session \ .query(Thing) \ .options(joinedload('labels')) \ .filter(Thing.conceptscheme_id == conceptscheme_id) \ .all() return all_results
[docs] def save(self, conceptscheme): """ :param conceptscheme: conceptscheme to save :return: saved conceptscheme """ self.session.merge(conceptscheme) self.session.flush() return conceptscheme
[docs]class SkosManager(DataManager): """ A :class:`DataManager` for :class:`Concepts and Collections <skosprovider_sqlalchemy.models.Thing>.` """ def __init__(self, session): super().__init__(session)
[docs] def get_thing(self, concept_id, conceptscheme_id): """ :param concept_id: a concept id :param conceptscheme_id: a conceptscheme id :return: the selected thing (Concept or Collection) """ return self.session.query(Thing) \ .filter_by(concept_id=concept_id, conceptscheme_id=conceptscheme_id) \ .one()
[docs] def save(self, thing): """ :param thing: thing to save :return: saved thing """ self.session.add(thing) self.session.flush() return thing
def change_type(self, thing, concept_id, conceptscheme_id, new_type, uri): self.delete_thing(thing) self.session.flush() thing = Concept() if new_type == 'concept' else Collection() thing.type = new_type thing.concept_id = concept_id thing.conceptscheme_id = conceptscheme_id thing.uri = uri return thing
[docs] def delete_thing(self, thing): """ :param thing: the thing to delete """ self.session.delete(thing)
[docs] def get_by_list_type(self, list_type): """ :param list_type: a specific list type :return: all results for the specific list type """ return self.session.query(list_type).all()
def get_match_type(self, match_type): return self.session.query(MatchType).filter_by(name=match_type).one() def get_match(self, uri, matchtype_id, concept_id): return self.session.query(Match).filter_by(uri=uri, matchtype_id=matchtype_id, concept_id=concept_id).one() def get_all_label_types(self): return self.session.query(LabelType).all() def get_next_cid(self, conceptscheme_id): max_id = self.session.query( func.max(Thing.concept_id) ).filter_by(conceptscheme_id=conceptscheme_id).first()[0] return max_id + 1 if max_id else 1
[docs]class LanguagesManager(DataManager): """ A :class:`DataManager` for :class:`Languages <skosprovider_sqlalchemy.models.Language>.` """ def __init__(self, session): super().__init__(session) def get(self, language_id): return self.session.query(Language).filter_by(id=language_id).one()
[docs] def save(self, language): """ :param language: language to save :return: saved language """ self.session.add(language) self.session.flush() return language
[docs] def delete(self, language): """ :param language: the language to delete """ self.session.delete(language)
[docs] def get_all(self): """ :return: list of all languages """ return self.session.query(Language).all()
[docs] def get_all_sorted(self, sort_coll, sort_desc): """ :param sort_coll: sort on this column :param sort_desc: descending or not :return: sorted list of languages """ if sort_desc: languages = self.session.query(Language).order_by(desc(sort_coll)).all() else: languages = self.session.query(Language).order_by(sort_coll).all() return languages
def count_languages(self, language_tag): return self.session.query(Language).filter_by(id=language_tag).count()
[docs]class AuditManager(DataManager): """ A data manager for logging the visit. """
[docs] def save(self, visit_log): """ save a certain visit :param visit_log: log of visit to save :return: The saved visit log """ self.session.add(visit_log) self.session.flush() return visit_log
@staticmethod def _get_first_day(period): """ get the first day of a certain period until now :param period: 'last_day' or 'last_week' or 'last_month' or 'last_year' :return: (string) the first day of the period """ d = datetime.combine(d, datetime.min.time()) start_date = d - dateutil.relativedelta.relativedelta( days=1 if period == 'last_day' else 0, weeks=1 if period == 'last_week' else 0, months=1 if period == 'last_month' else 0, years=1 if period == 'last_year' else 0 ) return start_date.strftime("%Y-%m-%d")
[docs]class CountsManager(DataManager): """ A data manager that deals with triple counts. """
[docs] def save(self, counts): """ Save a certain counts object :param counts: Counts object to save :return: The saved count """ self.session.add(counts) self.session.flush() return counts
def get_most_recent_count_for_scheme(self, conceptscheme_id): recent = self.session.query( ConceptschemeCounts ).filter_by( conceptscheme_id=conceptscheme_id ).order_by( desc('counted_at') ).one() return recent