0.4.3 (11-03-2015)

We had some packaging issues with the 0.4.2 release.

0.4.2 (11-03-2015)

This release of Atramhasis is mostly a bugfix update of the 0.4.1 release.

  • Fix paths of db in scaffolds
  • Add more information on exceptions
  • Update skosprovider_getty and skosprovider_heritagedata (fix the problems when importing external thesauri)
  • Documentation update

0.4.1 (04-03-2015)

This release of Atramhasis is a minor update of the 0.4.0 release, focussing on small corrections and improvements and improving the documentation. A few interesting non-invasive features were added, mostly to the editor’s admin interface and machine-readable exports of RDF data.

Upgrading from 0.4.0 should be simple and cause no or few problems.

  • A conceptscheme, concept or collection can now be exported to RDF through skosprovider_rdf 0.3.1. These are individuals export endpoints that can be reached in one of two ways. Either by hitting a url like http://localhost:6543/conceptschemes/GEOGRAPHY/c/335 with a supported RDF mimetype (application/rdf+xml, application/x-turtle, text-turle). Or by using an RDF syntax specific suffix (.rdf or .ttl).
  • When importing, allow the user to request more information on a concept or collection, before actually importing it.
  • Allow merging a concept with other concepts it matches. This allows a user to compare a local concept with an external one it matches and import any notes or labels that are present in the external concept, but not the local one.
  • Reworked some parts of the public interface to make everything a bit clearer and to make all pages easily reachable.
  • Allow sorting the languages in the admin interface.
  • Reorganised and extended the right click menu on the grid in the admin interface.
  • Allow looking up a skos:match from within the admin interface.
  • Some issues with the length of language ids were solved.
  • Fixed some issues when importing a collection instead of a concept.
  • Made it easy to add a Google Analytics tracker.
  • Added instructions on how to deploy a demo site on heroku. These work just as well for deploying an actual production site to heroku.
  • Lots of small updates and tweaks to the documentation.
  • Updated some dependencies.
  • Some code cleanup and reorganisation. Several smaller bugs in the admin interface were fixed.
  • The data fixtures were updated with skos:note examples. Added a license for reuse of the fixture data.

0.4.0 (23-12-2014)

  • Update to skosprovider 0.5.0. Among other things, this makes it possible to handle relations between Concepts and Collections using the subordinate_arrays and superordinates properties. Conceptschemes are now also much better integrated within the providers, thus making it possible to provider more context for a Concept. This version of skosprovider can also handle skos:matches.
  • Add possibility to edit language tags. It’s now possible to use the admin interface to add, edit and delete languages in Atramhasis.
  • When the REST service receives labels or notes in currently unavailable languages, it will validate those through language_tags. It the languages are valid according to the IANA registry, they will be added to the languages available in the application.
  • Default length of language id changed to 64 characters. This is not available as an alembic migration. So only effective when creating a new database. If you already have a database created from an older version of Atramhasis, please modify accordingly. Modifying column length on SQLite is not possible (see http://www.sqlite.org/omitted.html ).
  • Abiltity to match Concepts in an Atramhasis ConceptScheme to Concepts in external ConceptSchemes through properties such as skos:exactMatch and skos:closeMatch.
  • Ability to import Concepts and Collections from external providers. This makes it possible to import Concepts from eg. the AAT (via skosprovider_getty), Flanders Heritage Thesauri (via skosprovider_oe), English Heritage Thesauri (via skosprovider_heritagedata) or any other SKOS vocabulary for which a skosprovider has been written. Currently only the concept or collection itself can be imported, without its relations to other concepts or collections.
  • Add the ability to have a delete of a concept or collection fail if it is being used in other systems.
  • Implement a delete permission.
  • Add validation rule that a Concept must have at least one label.
  • Update to skosprovider_sqlalchemy 0.4.1.
  • Update to pyramid_skosprovider 0.5.0.
  • Update to skosprovider_rdf 0.3.0. This update adds support for dumping ConceptScheme in an RDF file and also handles subordinate_arrays and superordinates.
  • Update to language_tags 0.3.0.

0.3.1 (05-09-2014)

  • Update to skosprovider_sqlalchemy 0.2.1.
  • Update to skosprovider_rdf 0.1.3 This fixes an issue with RDF having some SKOS elements in the wrong namespace. Also added a missing dependency on skosprovider_rdf to setup.py
  • Updated the Travis build file to run a basic dojo build and test for build failures.

0.3.0 (15-08-2014)

  • Atramhasis now includes a working admin userinterface at /admin. Still needs some polish when it comes to error handling and reporting about validation errors.
  • The admin module gets run through a dojo build to minimize page loads and download times
  • Added RDF/XML en RDF/Turtle downloads to the public interface. Currently only dumps a full conceptscheme, not individual concepts.
  • Added more docs.

0.2.0 (16-05-2014)

  • Full public userinterface
  • REST CRUD service
  • Security integration
  • CSV export
  • demo using Mozilla Persona as sample security setup

0.1.0 (22-04-2014)

  • Initial version
  • Setup of the project: docs, unit testing, code coverage
  • Scaffolding for demo and deployment packages
  • Limited public user interface
  • Basis i18n abilities present
  • Integration of pyramid_skosprovider
  • Integration of skosprovider
  • Integration of skosprovider_sqlalchemy