Running a demo siteΒΆ

Atramhasis comes with a demo site include. This allows you to quickly evaluate and inspect the software. To get started, just download Atramhasis from pypi and install it. We recommend doing this in a virtualenvironment.

$ mkvirtualenv atramhasis_demo
$ pip install -U atramhasis

Once Atramhasis is installed, you can call upon a pyramid scaffold to generate the demo site.

$ pcreate -s atramhasis_demo atramhasis_demo
$ cd atramhasis_demo

This creates a local demo package you can run with just a few more commands:

# setup
$ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
$ python develop
# create or upgrade database
$ alembic upgrade head
# intialize sample data
$ initialize_atramhasis_db development.ini
# compile translations
$ python compile_catalog
# start server
$ pserve development.ini

The Atramhasis demo instance is now running on your localhost at port 6543. To reach it, open your browser and surf to the address http://localhost:6543.

You will be greeted by the Atramhasis front page. From this page you can start searching and browsing the thesauri. You can also start editing the thesauri by surfing to http://localhost:6543/admin. The demo instance requires that you login to access the admin module. We’ve provided a login mechanism using Mozilla Persona for the demo. If you want to run Atramhasis in a production environment, you can easily replace the security module by another one. This enables you to use the security mechanisms (eg. LDAP, Active Directory, a custom users database, ...) that your organisation requires. Please consult the documentation on Security customisation for further information on this topic.