0.3.1 (05-09-2014)

  • Update to skosprovider_sqlalchemy 0.2.1.
  • Update to skosprovider_rdf 0.1.3 This fixes an issue with RDF having some SKOS elements in the wrong namespace. Also added a missing dependency on skosprovider_rdf to setup.py
  • Updated the Travis build file to run a basic dojo build and test for build failures.

0.3.0 (15-08-2014)

  • Atramhasis now includes a working admin userinterface at /admin. Still needs some polish when it comes to error handling and reporting about validation errors.
  • The admin module gets run through a dojo build to minimize page loads and download times
  • Added RDF/XML en RDF/Turtle downloads to the public interface. Currently only dumps a full conceptscheme, not individual concepts.
  • Added more docs.

0.2.0 (16-05-2014)

  • Full public userinterface
  • REST CRUD service
  • Security integration
  • CSV export
  • demo using Mozilla Persona as sample security setup

0.1.0 (22-04-2014)

  • Initial version
  • Setup of the project: docs, unit testing, code coverage
  • Scaffolding for demo and deployment packages
  • Limited public user interface
  • Basis i18n abilities present
  • Integration of pyramid_skosprovider
  • Integration of skosprovider
  • Integration of skosprovider_sqlalchemy